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Breast Prostheses

A breast prosthesis is worn after a mastectomy to restore balance and symmetry with the remaining breast. In the case of bi-lateral mastectomy a set of 2 prostheses will be fit to best re-create the previous size. Breast prostheses are important not only visually, but medically as well, which is why it is covered by most insurance plans. Over time not replacing the missing weight can cause back and neck pains due to a change in posture. We offer a large selection of breast prostheses in a variety of shapes, sizes and are available in different skin tones. Our certified mastectomy fitters will guide you in choosing the appropriate form to restore your balance and symmetry and compliment your lifestyle. 

A partial form fills in smaller areas as in the case of a lumpectomy or reconstruction when there is no longer an exact match to a remaining breast. These smaller forms fit in a bra against the skin to fill in where needed. They are made of soft silicone and feel just like a natural breast. Partial forms come in different shapes, and are also offered with a contact back that will adhere to the body.