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Meet the Fitters


Carol Art Keane was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1948, she attended The School of Visual Arts, Meyer School of Design, and F.I.T. Carol worked in the fashion world most of her New York life, between garments and furs. She was also a buyer for a chain of stores out of Cincinnati, OH, and owned and operated a fabric shop in Brooklyn. In 1990 Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a total mastectomy with reconstruction. Three years later Underneath It All opened, now 20 years later she is still helping women newly diagnosed get through the difficult times. “ I love what I do, I believe it is my give back for being well all these years after my surgery.”

Kate Rubien is a special lady who is a certified specialist in mastectomy fittings. Her career began in 1988, first in a surgical store environment, later she moved on to a territory sales position for a major manufacturer of breast prostheses and soon after became director of mastectomy services for Nordstrom. Out of a business friendship, developed a kindred friendship with Carol. Kate partnered with Carol at Underneath It All to open an outlet at NYU allowing her to fulfill her desire to offer the best fitting services, compassion, warmth and understanding to each and every woman who required her help. 16 years into her career, in 2004, Kate herself was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. When Kate says to her ladies “I know, I was there”, she truly does understand and hopes to give each of them the special attention they deserve. 

After graduating from the University of Washington in 1996, Christina Faraj took what was meant to be a short-term job at the Nordstrom flagship store. This is where Christina’s bra fitting journey began. Within a year of being at Nordstrom, she attended a seminar on fitting bras and prosthesis for women who had undergone breast cancer surgery. “It was at this moment I solidified my calling and volunteered to become a Certified Mastectomy Fitter” Fueled by the memories of her mother who had undergone surgery for breast cancer, Christina remembered the difficulties she had in finding items to make her feel beautiful and confident. Ultimately her mother lost her battle with breast cancer, however helping other women in the same situation proved a comforting way to heal. “Being able to provide this service makes my job much more meaningful.” In 2001 Christina moved to New York, shortly after in 2003, she was given the wonderful opportunity of working at Underneath It All. It is here she has had the pleasure of helping thousands of women over the years regain their femininity and confidence after breast cancer surgery. Now 10 years later still with Underneath It All, and now on 5th Ave fitting women everyday!